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Fender Super 55 Split-Coil pickups deliver a state-of-the-art Noiseless humbucking sound in an iconic single-coil Fender configuration that will supercharge the sound of your Stratocaster. Wound with two separate linear coils, each pickup is voiced to deliver the signature tone of a single-coil pickup with slightly hotter output. This coil design also produces additional responsiveness and quiet operation not found in typical pickups. Alnico 5 magnets give these pickups a smooth and balanced sound, making them highly versatile for all types of music and playing styles. This amazing new design pairs modern technology with authentically classic Fender sound and looks.

Included Components

  • Fender Super 55 Strat pickups come with all parts needed for installation, including:
  • Mounting screws
  • Pickup height adjustment tubing
  • Wiring diagram

Other Specifications

DC Resistance

  • Neck: 12.6k-13.9k ohms
  • Middle: 12.6k-13.9k ohms
  • Bridge: 13.3k-14.7k ohms