Clothing Size Guide

All sizes may vary from product to product; these measurements are to be used as an approximate indication of size.

Chest measurement is from armpit to armpit.

Length measurement is from the back of the collar to the bottom edge of back.


Men’s t-shirts                            Chest                           Length

Small                                       44-45cm                      67-69cm

Medium                                   48-50cm                      68-72cm

Large                                       52-54cm                      74-76cm

XLarge                                    58-60cm                      79-81cm

XXlarge                                  62-64cm                      79-81cm


Men’s Shirts                            Chest                           Length

Small                                       53-55cm                      75-77cm

Medium                                   54-57cm                      75-77cm

Large                                       56-60cm                      75-80cm

XLarge                                    60-62cm                      78-84cm


Men’s Hoodies/Jackets           Chest                           Length

Small                                       58-60cm                      68-70cm

Medium                                   50-54cm                      66-68cm

Large                                       54-60cm                      68-70cm

XLarge                                    70-72cm                      74-76cm


Ladies t-shirts                           Chest                           Length

Small                                       38-40cm                      60-63cm

Medium                                   40-42cm                      62-64cm

Large                                       43-45cm                      66-68cm


Ladies tanks                             Chest                           Length

Small                                       28cm                           56cm

Medium                                   30cm                           58cm

Large                                       32cm                           60cm

*Please note extra stretch in these products


Ladies Hoodies/Jackets          Chest                           Length

Medium                                   50-52cm                      60-64cm

Large                                       54-58cm                      62-68cm

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